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Torchlight Ball Beneficiary Showcase

Thursday September 4, 2014, 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Old Mattress Factory - 501 N. 13th Street

Join us for a beer at the Old Mattress Factory! This is a very special happy hour as we will also be showcasing prospective Torchlight Ball beneficiaries.

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All About Omaha (AAO) is a local, non-profit organization comprised of young professionals whose mission is simple - get involved!

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Community awareness and involvement among Omaha young professionals.

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Provide events and activities that allow young professionals to explore Omaha’s variety of attractions, nightlife spots, entertainment venues and more.

Now Accepting Beneficiary Applications for the 2015 Torchlight Ball!

  • Download the Beneficiary Application for the Showcase held Thursday, September 4th at the Old Mattress Factory.

AAO was proud to raise funds for the Methodist Heidi Wilke SANE/SART program as part of our annual Torchlight Ball held this past April.  SANE/SART provides specialized care for sexual assault victims. The donation total this year was $25,000! Thanks for everyone's support!